AzoreanHood for kids

Dive in Azores

This kid’s rain cape with hood was designed to stimulate children’s connection with the Ocean. The hood lining displays a ‘dive with sperm whales in the Azores’ scene by Nuno Sá, where kids can shelter from rain with wonder and excitement.

Adjustable size

Children grow out of clothes really fast. For parents, perhaps the biggest advantage of this rain cape is its cost-effectiveness. Two snaps placed on the cape allow an adjustment on the arm’s length. It fits children from 5 to adulthood.


The PU coating applied to the outside fabrics of this kid’s rain cape is 100% polyurethane and grants strong water-repellent characteristics, while maintaining the breathability of the fabric. It also makes it more robust and resistant to tears.

Upcycled Marine Plastic

This rain cape is made with SEAQUAL® YARN containing Upcycled Marine Plastic. In collaboration with NGOs, fishermen and local communities, the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is helping to clean our oceans of marine litter. Begs & Bags is a proud member of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. Read more here

Handmade in the Azores

This kid’s rain cape is handmade in Terceira island, Azores. We are proud to partner with an atelier which is a solidarity economy project from a private institution of social solidarity. The professionals who make our high-quality products, work in safe conditions and earn fair wages.

Culture heritage as inspiration

The AzoreanHood for kids is inspired in the ‘Capote e Capelo’, a traditional Azorean garment worn up until the 1930s, which hood was shaped with baleen. Whaling in the Azores had its peak in the years of 1896 – 1949, with 12.000 whales being hunted. The last whales were hunted in the Azores in 1987. Read more about whaling in the Azores here

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